Kodiak Deer Hunting!

Welcome to Kodiak Deer Hunting. This is your lucky day. Besides just blogging about what is new and exciting in the realm of deer hunting on Kodiak Island in Alaska, we thought this was a good time to tell you about how to book a trip that’s affordable to all hunters. We will look at the pros and cons of different options that many new to the island have tried and also into the safety of you and your hunting partners. Bear safety on Kodiak Island is essential and simply cannot be reiterated strongly enough. One of he facts about deer hunting on Kodiak is sooner or later bears will be in the picture. Being prepared will be the difference of an encounter or an adventure.

Kodiak Deer Hunting Trips

First off, Kodiak is known as Alaska’s Deer Hunting Bonanza and that attests to why  Kodiak Island remains the #1 destination for Alaska’s lucky hunters with knowledge about the ins and outs of where to find the best darn deer hunting the state has to offer. That’s not bragging but rather a well known fact.

So let’s take a moment to look at planning your Alaska Deer Hunting trip now. Finding a reputable guide, lodge or outfitter is essential to booking a successful Kodiak deer hunting trip. There simply is no escaping the fact that Kodiak is also the home of Alaska’s world record Brown Bears and the just love to have hunters help them in finding their meat for dinner. So having a guide with keen eyes and razor sharp hearing is essential if your not into a rather rude surprise or two that can really run a guys day. The guides that offer Kodiak deer hunting trips have proven themselves reliable and conscientious thus your worries of having one of those unwelcome encounters is greatly reduced, just follow their lead and instructions and let them do their jobs.

Let’s Talk Kodiak Deer Hunting! In State Call 1-907-252-5464 or Toll Free @ 1-888-462-1521

Sleeping Accommodations on Kodiak Island!

Surely pitching a tent is an aged old tradition with hunters everywhere but here on Kodiak it is often just not an option that should be considered. Lodges are scarce and staying in a hotel in town means loon commutes to get to the best deer hunting the islands have to offer. The third and best option in the floating one. That’s right, sleeping on a fully outfitted charter boat with all the amenities, world class scenery and the ability to station itself in the best locations where the deer are plentiful and the bears can’t swim.

We have the ability to book you on the charter boat as well as at a stationary lodge. Those that are experienced in both consider the charter boat as being like a floating hunting lodge in the most advantageous locations.

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